A close up of a tri-style fidget spinner balanced on a finger.

The hype of fidget spinners has started to subside. The people that are still into them, are really into them.

We start this playlist off with Mathias Moslund showing us some basic Fidget Spinner Tricks. With 11 million views and 41k likes, it’s a good set if basic maneuvers to learn with your fidget.

Next up is Spin-Daddy Mike’s Parody video, showing us a thing or two about cool tricks like double trouble, the bunny hop, the ladyfinger, and Custer’s Revenge. It’s ok. A Hater’s gotta Hate, I guess. Anyhow, his fails are humorous.

Love your Fidget Spinners with Guava-Juice in the remix video. It’s good for a laugh.

Into DIY? Let Megan Weller show you How to Make Fidget Spinner with Found Objects from around the house. If you’re going to make one, be careful with the hot glue and cutting tools.

Geek Bite serves us a plateful of the Fidget Spinning Lifestyle. He’s going Pro with the Hot Potato, The Surprised Blind Man, and the Call Your Mun and Tell Her You Love Her. He’s put the call out. Taking on all competition.

Keegan from Pocket Fidget shows us some tricks using their Triune Spinner with Hybrid-Ceramic-Bearings that coast on and on. He suggests fidgeting at work may help to reduce anxiety.

Miranda Sings shows us the coolest new tricks you can do with your Figet Spinner (I know, but after you watch the video…). She shows us her own lame ass trick-fails like, The Ninja Death Star, The Wet Hole, and The Hairy Surprise.

It’s all Business in the Front and Party in the rear with Billy and his collection of tricks. His best trick, hands down, is called For The Haters. It’s insane.